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Beginning another beautiful day
with beautiful people and lots of hugs.
Rosie, Delmar and Joan

Lucy enjoying the breakfast buffet !

Lucy and Delmar

Saturday afternoon was spent sightseeing in Rosie and Delmar's beautiful Caddy.
We stopped at the 3rd most beautiful beach in the world. (Yep, that is what I said.)

This made Joan very happy !

We also went to Judy's place and sent off a few E's to those at home who were unable to attend.

<2>Read some coments about our reunion

Johnny and Shirley

"My husband and I were lucky enough to attend this wonderful reunion that took place in Sarasota, Florida. To be honest with you, I was a little apprehensive because my hubby isn't one for partying. He doesn't get involved in email or the internet at all, so I didn't know what to expect, but we had a wonderful time.
I keep in close touch with Marcy, Joe and Rosie, and since Marcy and Joe (my grandson's e-ma and e-pa) live not too far from me, we exchange phone calls from time to time. My grandson and I first met Marcy and Joe as well as Rosie (my grandson's e-aunt) and Delmar at our first get together at Denny's a few years ago. So it was great seeing them again and introducing my husband. He thought everyone was really nice.....(I think he especially liked Rosie).
Meeting Judy, Joan, Lucy and Don for the first time was a treat, especially since it was with my husband. It was Lucy and Don's anniversary, so a cake was produced and pictures were taken for the occasion. I'm so glad we could share in that. I could ramble on and on about the weekend, but I'm sure the others will fill in what I've forgotten, so I will close with time we have a reunion, I hope we will get to meet even more of our email USA Drifter friends. You really missed out on a great reunion. Hope you see you there the next time."

Marcy and Joe

"My most vivid memory from the weekend was pulling up to the entrance of the hotel and seeing a car with a license plate from Kentucky. I just knew Ro and Delmar had arrived and got SO excited I ran into the lobby laughing & hollering. Judy was sitting there & that was it !! I thought then and there the Hampton Inn would be real sorry they ever accepted our reservations.


The hardest part of the reunion was getting there. Then we found out Shirley & Johnny were going to rent a car to make the trip. Quick like a bunny I called them and said, "Put your car in our garage & drive our car." Boy did that ever work out great! We had great friends right from our driveway to the reunion."

Before we arrived, we had all these things in our minds about what to see and do in SARASILLY. Well that didn't work out LOL For the most part, we all stayed in the hospitality room laughing, joking, learning about each other, pigging out, celebrating Lucy & Don's anniversary, taking pictures, sharing stories.....Even though some in the group went to the beach for a while, others stayed back to watch football,
(well, Ida Clare, Joe...again..asleep or watching football ?)

there was never a dull moment. It was unbearable saying goodbye and we vote for a longer reunion next time.
Judy, thank you for all of your hard work. Everything was perfect! Even Kevin, who provided us with that wonderful breakfast/brunch Sunday morning. Ha Ha Ha
The reunion, albeit small in numbers, was the best weekend we've ever had the pleasure of experiencing."

Posing at the pool.

Kevin, The host with the mostest. He kept the hospitality room open 24-7 ! We thank you, Kevin

From the peanut gallery
"It was such fun hosting the Drifter kids. We said our final goodbye's in the Big Lots parking lot on Sunday. :-( I think of the "MEMORIES" each day ! My final comment is "WOW" !

And see ya all in the fall !