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See America with the USA Drifters

By Master-Dunc
(June 18, 2000)

Can`t go on vacation this year? Well, take a tour with the USA DRIFTERS and never leave your house!

USA DRIFTERS was founded in mid-February of this year by Bev, Bobby, Marcy and Joe. The four of them realized that several of their internet friends are either disabled, elderly or housebound and not able to travel these magnificent UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

So, Bev and Bobby (SOMBRA93@WEBTV.NET) and Marcy and Joe (MARCYELLEN@WEBTV.NET) chose to offer a cyber tour club for anyone interested. Joe came up with the name, USA DRIFTERS, because in the 50's, he belonged to a car club of that name and so the '57 CHEVY became their logo.

Their first tour was presented by Bev and Bobby and was sent to 73 of their e-friends. In less than 4 months, the membership has grown to over 140 "CYBER TRAVELERS." Their membership includes people from all over the United States, plus Canada, Scotland, England and New Zealand. The youngest member is 10 years old and she shows the tours to her classmates. The oldest member is 90 years old.

Their membership also includes two public schools where the tours are shown to history classes. At USA DRIFTERS, all members are invited to build tours. The turnout has been amazing and their "PIT CREW" now numbers 20, including their oldest member.

Many of their members have toured the United States in "Real Life" and the tours bring back wonderful memories of their personal travels. "For those who are not able to physically travel, the tours offer them a way to see what our magnificent country has to offer."

All tours are presented in a large text size for people who are vision impaired. On their first tour, it was an overview of the United States. A new tour comes out every other week.

They also offer an "Awesome Site Award" every week. This is not a contest, but rather a way for the members to get to know each other by visiting websites and signing guestbooks. In other words - "Linking people together who otherwise would never have met."

They do not permit "Reply All" and this is not a webring. Members receive one mass mailing announcing a new tour every other week. From their "Main Page," you can visit the USA DRIFTERS Photopoint Album. Jan, who is a "PIT CREW" member, requested that members e-mail their pictures in and Jan has put together a wonderful photo album with captions on each picture identifying the person and their website URL if they have one.

There is also a link from their main page for people to send birthday and anniversary cards to fellow members!

"The overall response to each tour has been most gratifying as one can tell from our guestbook. People truly enjoy visiting each state. They learn a bit of history, see magnificent scenery and meet new e-friends."

Bev, Bobby, Marcy and Joe would like to invite all "Net4TV readers" to join them on their travels. They say, "It's fun, it's relaxing and it's free."

Well, in my book, you can't beat "Free!" LOL!

[Community Editor's Notes: Net4TV wishes to thank you for the wonderful invite and we are sure the readers will have a great time on the tours! What a splendid idea for those who cannot travel, yet wish to experience the history and landmarks of each state! What a novel idea!--ck]

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